Logos and Printing



There are several different logo options when ordering team jerseys.


Direct screen printing is the least expensive option for cutomizing team jerseys and apparel. This process is the direct application of ink onto the gament.
We can screen 1, 2, 3 or 4 color logos onto jerseys and many apparel items. One added feature of chosing this option is that your logo will be on screens
for printing onto many different apparel items such as t-shirts, hoodys etc.

a. 1 Color - $3.50 
b. 2 Color - $7.00
c. 3 Color - $10.50
d. 4 color - $14.00


Direct screen printing on twill uses the same process as above but instead of printing your logo direct to the jersey the logo is printed onto a tackle-twill patch (usually white) that is
then sewn to the jersey. This many times is the best option especially when applying a logo to a dark color jersey as it helps the logo to stand out more against the
dark background. You can also order apparel items with this option without additional set-up costs.

a. 1 Color - $13.50 
b. 2 Color - $17.00
c. 3 Color - $20.50
d. 4 color - $24.00


A sublimated patch is often used for logo that 4 or more colors in the design to keep costs down. Generally Sublimated patches are done on white tackle or perma twill.
The sublimation process also uses inks applied to the twill material and does not require vector art. This is often helpful of only a high resolution .jpg or .gif is available. (Please note that Sublimated patches may require slight modifications to original art therefore final product may vary from production proof especially with regard to "cut lines".)

Logo on Perma Twill - $20.00
Logo on Tackle-Twill - $22.00

Shoulder Patch Logo on Perma-Twill - $9.00 per patch


A fully embroidered patch if for the team who wants a truely "professional" look. This process also applies the logo onto a twill backing but instead of ink, embroidery threads are used.
Patches are then sewn directly to the jersey. This is the top end of the logo options and is priced based on the logo that will be used. We recommend this option to teams that will be
ordering home any away sets of 40 or more total jerseys in order to get volume discounts.

Fully Embroidered Patch - $25.00


This option is uses only the tackle-twill/perma-twill material to create the logo patch. Tackle-twill patches are often used when a logo is comprised of just letters or is of a basic design as high levels
of detail can not be achieved. Pricing for this option are based on the size of the design and the number of logo colors.
Prices below are estimates and are based on a team order of 20 pieces in perma twill with a logo of 12" x 10"

1 Color Logo - $17.00
2 Color Logo - $22.50
3 Color Logo - $28.00

Note about colors:

Jersey fabric colors can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Dye lots can also vary as well making if difficult to always color match logos, numbers and lettering to jersey fabric. When matching thread and number colors to the fabric of the jerseys we are limited to colors available. The same is true with embroidered or sublimated patches. We do out best to keep colors as close as possible. Most often the colors will match almost exactly, but in some cases the colors will be a different shade from that of the jersey. We try to match thread or ink color to that of the number material for consistancy when possible. If an exact color match is required: Please let us know BEFORE production begins as it may NOT be possible to achieve a color match. We do not discount/refund finished product due to color variations in decoration and apparel.



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